Employment Law:

Genie has been representing employees who are fired or harassed because of their age, their sex, their race, their family status, their use of the Family Medical Leave Act, for reporting crimes or unlawful actions of their employers her entire career as a lawyer.  She and her associate most often represent workers who need to challenge the wrongful actions of their employers, but she will represent employers, when faced with a difficult employee or workforce legal issue.  This area of has become very difficult for employees, particularly in state courts, and we often try them in federal court due to more favorable decisions and rulings.  There are many deadlines and details that must be addressed right away when one is fired in order to preserve rights to sue.  Eardley Law handles these matters on a contingent fee basis when the facts and law allow, as well as on an hourly basis.  We review and negotiate severance agreements, and sue if no resolution can be achieved.

Medical Malpractice:

One of the most difficult types of lawsuits to file in Michigan right now are those in which a patient or the family of a patient sues a doctor, hospital or nursing home for medical negligence.  In the past 20 years, the legislature and the courts have whittled away the basic rights of badly injured or killed patients to hold medical professionals accountable for their mistakes.  Today, only a select few lawyers handle these cases for the victims of medical errors or neglect because of very complex procedural requirements before suit can even be filed, and increasingly rigid standards for experts to be able to testify against negligent doctors.  They are beyond tough to win.  We handle them every day, and have since 1994.  Genie’s long career litigating and trying cases against health care providers has made her a force to be reckoned with, and well respected by the medical malpractice defense bar.  She is conversant with medical language, keeps up to date with the swiftly moving changes and advances in medical technology and research, and truly enjoys being able to bring justice and monetary recovery for people who lose their lives, children, spouses, or simply their good health to medical mistakes or neglect.

Legal Malpractice:

Lawyers are human beings too, they make mistakes.  When they do, and it has caused serious financial harm, loss of property, profession, business, or even your freedom, you need an attorney who truly knows the law.  The burden of proof in these cases is tremendously high, and very few of this matters are successfully won by victims of attorney mistakes.  Why?  Because most attorneys are afraid to sue their fellow lawyers, and have not spent the time studying this very insular and intellectual realm of litigation.  Genie at one time defended negligent lawyers and law firms for a premier legal malpractice defense firm. Since 1995 has sued her fellow members of the bar who have failed to meet the minimum standard of care. Each year we handle very large legal malpractice cases for businesses and individuals against some of the largest, most powerful law firms in the state, and we more often than not, are able to provide major financial recovery to our clients.  Intense, and well defended, you need a very persistent and intelligent lawyer to sue another lawyer.  That’s who we are.

Complex Civil Litigation:

If you have a zoning or real estate matter headed to the court room, or a business dispute, partnership break up, high asset divorce or family law issue, we handle these cases as well.  We charge much less than larger law firms for the same kind of work. We regularly sue municipalities and government agencies, as well as represent property owners and businesses with land use and partnership disputes.  We are not a transactional law firm-we are the trial lawyers to turn to for those problems that have bubbled up to the point that court is simply the next logical step.  Genie has handled complicated high dollar divorce and post-divorce matters for 27 years, and will still take a few select divorce cases that require the wisdom and experience she possesses.

Auto Insurance Law:

Whether you need help with your own No-Fault Insurance carrier (PIP) after you have been injured in an auto accident, or you have been hurt in a car crash caused by the fault of another driver, we can provide in depth advice and direction. We help make sure you get your medical bills paid, and seek recovery for what the law calls a “serious impairment” of your normal life.  Genie Eardley has litigated these cases for 27 years, once on the side of the defense, but now only for the injured.  She and Nick are both very savvy about the complexities of auto insurance policies and the rapidly changing legal landscape for auto accident victims.  Unlike the law firms who do a high volume of auto cases on an assembly line, we focus our work on the more difficult and serious physical and brain injuries-or the most complicated and thorny cases of insurance companies refusing coverage, or denying large claims.   We are known by all the major auto and home owner insurance companies in Michigan as a law firm that will file suit, and challenge even the most defiant of claims adjustors who will not recognize the rights of their policyholders, or respect the magnitude of a person’s injuries.